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Scrollino is an innovative device for reading continuous printed content – much like a smartphone, but 100% paper-based.

A pencil is all you need to read and rewind stories, games, or images over two yards long.
This innovative media format offers a playful and brand new creative experience for all.

The inventors, Ludmila and Sylvain Favardin, began experimenting with thermal POS printers – often used by supermarkets and stores to print receipts – in order to print and publish illustrated books. With the receipt paper available in very long rolls, the idea to create and print almost infinite books quickly presented itself.

As the books grew longer, the Favardins realized that a better way to rewind them was needed. After several months of trial and error, they created a unique rewinding system: the Scroller.

By 2016, Ludmila and Sylvain had perfected the rewinding system to make Scrollino a reality, pushing the envelope – and Scrollino’s limits – yet again.

“Scrollino gave us the means to exceed the boundaries of a sheet of paper and to run the lengths of our imaginations. We invented this new format and we keep playing with it – to make it better, to reimagine it, to see how far we can unroll it.”

The Scroller is the specially designed rewinding system that brings each book to life. Each Scroller consists of one tube and two caps with precise measurements that enable smooth paper scrolling and is just as easy to use for left-handers as it is for right-handers.

This revolutionary book form and editorial concept offer a playful experience to all dreamers, big and small. It’s easy to play with, interactive, and fun to show off.

In addition to the many different types of books available, customers can also purchase refills for their Scrollinos – compatible paper rolls with illustrations to color and draw on, patterned origami paper for folding, or even blank paper to draw and write on.

The Favardins have exceeded the boundaries of a simple sheet of paper to run the lengths of their imaginations. Unroll the magic of Scrollino by trying it for yourself.