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Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd

Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd manufacture innovative trolleys and handling equipment for global retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores and businesses in the United Kingdom.

Based in Billingham in the North East of England, Storage & Handling Equipment Ltd was formed in 1999 in order to provide cost-effective solutions in manufacturing retail equipment. The company is also a trusted supplier to various industry sectors: DIY, garden centre, transport and diary operations, to name a few.

With the company winning major UK contracts from large chains such as ASDA, Morrisons, and Tesco, they realized that their online store was lacking in professionalism. Products were not organized, and the look and feel differed from the main company site. Brand consistency was sorely needed.

Web consultants, Renoovo Design, used Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd’s existing branding as a starting point to design a fresh but consistent look. The shop was rebuilt and restructured entirely using WooCommerce, alongside a set of extensions to help automate the ordering process.

Complex product CSV import has been used to set up all products on the new site. Products can now be browsed by range and industry sector, offering a more tailored experience for customers. The [Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd] team have control over their own pricing and which products they want to sell or discontinue.”
– Renoovo Design

With 470,000 square feet of office and warehouse space located within easy reach of major road networks and seaports, Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd are able to provide reliable, efficient service and delivery across the UK and Europe.

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