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From its humble beginnings in co-founder Mattias Eklund’s bedroom 20 years ago, Toontrack has become a leading music software developer.

Toontrack is all about the love of music, started by musicians and designed for musicians.

For a company that originally had no idea of the success that their software would bring, they have certainly come a long way. The idea for the software began with an experiment to create a collection of drum sounds. Somewhere along the line, this experiment transcended into a highly-sought after songwriting development solution. Today, songwriters across the globe rely on Toontrack.

“For songwriters. By songwriters.”

What has made Toontrack such a global success is its ability to offer musicians all the quality of professional recording studios in a home studio setting. Without the technical challenges of home recording, that’s when the magic happens. By removing these barriers, musicians get a studio-quality sound, working from even the smallest space.

Popular products include drum samplers EZdrummer and Superior Drummer, multi-mixing software EZmix 2, and piano software EZkeys. Additional tools include EZbass, Drum Midi Packs, and various others.

At WooCommerce, we’re passionate about bringing innovative tools that help brands do big things. Toontrack wanted to expand their sales reach with eCommerce extensions made to improve the customer experience. The open-source freedom of our platform helped them achieve just that – maximizing conversion and simplifying the sales process.

Optimizing the brand’s WordPress site with a smooth, streamlined payment system, Toontrack is now set to drive more sales and share their love for music with a greater audience across the globe.