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Wisden, often referred to as the “Bible of cricket” and an authoritative voice on the sport, is an annual publication founded in 1864.

In the early part of the twentieth century, founder John Wisden sold sports equipment from his London shop before branching out into publishing. Since then, the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack has been published each and every year of its existence – even two World Wars couldn’t dent its resilience.

The Wisden name is synonymous with cricket itself. It adopted its famous yellow cover for its 75th edition in 1938, and is arguably the most famous and respected sports publication in the world. A copy of the first edition in reasonable condition can now fetch upwards of £25,000.

Throughout its 154 (and counting) editions, Wisden has always been independent of any cricket administration. and the reborn Wisden Cricket Monthly continues to offer cricket enthusiasts an independent voice, embracing the values of the famous yellow book.

Now, fans of the gentleman’s game can sink their teeth into a monthly version of cricket’s tome: the Wisden Cricketer’s Monthly has been resurrected.

It’s simply a great privilege to be involved in something like this. Ultimately, if we can retain the qualities that made WCM such a vibrant part of the conversation in its time while offering something fresh and relevant to the here and now, then we will have done our job.
– Phil Walker, editor-in-chief WCM

Originally running from 1979 to 2003, Wisden’s monthly magazine has been revived in both print and digital versions. Enlisting some of the sport’s finest writers, photographers and illustrators, the publication aims to bring comprehensive coverage of both the professional and amateur game to the game’s most ardent supporters each and every month.