Sell subscriptions online to earn recurring revenue

WooCommerce Subscriptions lets you offer customers the convenience of monthly food boxes, access to digital content, or regular services — while building a consistent revenue stream for your business.

The benefits of a subscription model for your store

Recurring revenue

There’s nothing like the comfort and surety that recurring revenue brings. Subscriptions add a dependable income stream that helps smooth cash flow and financial forecasting.

More loyal, engaged customers

Subscribers stay loyal longer, have higher lifetime values, and are more likely to refer you to others. Since customers build trust over time, they’re often more receptive to additional, complementary offers.

Accelerated growth

Get paid without needing to make a single new sale. You not only reduce the cost of acquiring new customers, but you lower retention spend. By understanding what subscribers prefer, you can tailor products to their needs and drive growth.

Supercharge your business with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Our full-featured premium WooCommerce Subscriptions extension adds serious power and flexibility to medium-to-large-scale stores.

Take charge of your subscriptions business with advanced configuration options — plus detailed reports, automatic rebilling for failed payments, and REST API compatibility.