Real eCommerce Goes Beyond Good-looking

Squarespace makes it possible for anyone to design a good-looking website, but to build and run a successful store you might require more.

For a flexible eCommerce platform that scales, multiple payment options, a marketplace of extensions, full control to customize your site, and zero transaction fees: try WooCommerce.

A laptop displaying examples of stores built with WooCommerce.

What to Expect From WooCommerce

Full Control for End-to-End Design

Squarespace is a closed solution. It offers a measure of design freedom but limits options to truly own and customize your site’s design.

WooCommerce offers the freedom of open source: full code access and ownership, the option to customize and integrate any service, and export data.

A screencast showing simple customization of a WooCommerce site using the Storefront theme.

A Marketplace of Customization Options

Squarespace doesn’t offer much beyond basic eCommerce functionality. There are just two payment gateways, and no option for point-of-sale or drop-shipping.

WooCommerce has a marketplace of extensions to add functionality, integrate with leading web services like Facebook, Google Shopping, Square, and Facebook, plus a wide range of payment options.

A screenshot showing the landing page of the WooCommerce extensions Marketplace.

Zero Transaction Fees from Day One

Whether you’re launching a complex eCommerce solution or bootstrapping a side project, WooCommerce can be stripped back or scaled to suit any budget.

Start with the basics and keep costs low, and enjoy zero transaction fees from day one.

A meter showing that WooCommerce charges no transaction fees compared to Squarespace's 3%.

WooCommerce Reviews from

“WooCommerce is the best for my small business. I have been using WooCommerce for several years to sell my personalized anniversary gifts online. I love it. I love that I can customize the site to work how I want and have full control over all of the details. Highly recommend.”
“WooCommerce is our plugin of choice for eCommerce solutions. It always fulfilled all our clients’ needs and it has extensions to manage virtually anything”
“I use WooCommerce a lot and what I like most is the flexibility and extensibility that makes it really powerful almost without limit. In the long run if you’re serious about eCommerce then Woo is still the most flexible and extensible platform I’ve used. It keeps being my number one choice of when it comes to selling online.”