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Supporting 165 banks and several other payment methods, Przelewy24 connects you to more customers with their preferred way to pay.

Why Przelewy24

With bank transfers accounting for 80-90% of online payments in Poland, Przelewy24 makes it simple to accept customer payments supporting 165 banks. Plus, Przelewy24 supports international credit cards and various other payment methods, giving your customers choice and improving your ability to sell!

Customer LocationsPoland
Customer CurrencyEUR or PLN
TypeBank debit
Transaction fees1.4% + 1.00 zł

Accelerate your business with Przelewy24 and WooPayments

Accept payments confidently

Securely accept real-time payments for your products and services. With Przelewy24, payments are guaranteed and confirmed immediately and . Payments are secured through 3D-secure authentication.

Trusted payment methods

Przelewy24 handles multiple payment methods, giving you choice and flexibility. Customers select Przelewy24 at checkout, where they can then selectchoose their bank to authenticate the payment.

Low fees

WooPayments has no setup costs or monthly fees and is free to download. Successful transactions made via Przelewy24 cost just 1.4% + 1.00 zł, and there are no hidden fees. More on fees here.

WooPayments is currently available to merchants based in 36 countries.

Get started for free

Przelewy24 can now be enabled as a payment method in WooPayments. Get started today to manage and view transactions right from your WooCommerce dashboard — with no setup costs or monthly fees.

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