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Get the new and enhanced version 2.3.0, which can:

  • Quickly link your WooCommerce products to Facebook
  • Help you set up a customizable online store on Facebook and Instagram
  • Add the Conversions API to help measure and optimise ad campaigns

Facebook tools that help your business grow

Facebook products

Ready to get started with Facebook for WooCommerce? You’ll be up and running in minutes. Start by installing this free extension and follow the guided setup wizard to connect your store to Facebook.

Create a Shop, a customizable mobile-friendly online store for shoppers on Facebook and Instagram. You can maintain one unified shopping experience across Facebook apps and customize the experience to showcase your brand identity. Creating a Facebook Shop is free and simple and helps introduce a big new audience to your products.

Sync your WooCommerce products to simplify catalog management, easily add product tags and quickly create ads. A quality product catalog helps customers browse selections, consider products, and make purchases.

Buy Facebook and Instagram ads directly on WooCommerce. You can design your ad, set the targeting and placement, and pay, all directly on WooCommerce.

Facebook pixel

Use Facebook Pixel and Conversions API to get the data you need to drive your business forward. Accurate and reliable information about customer actions help you target your ads, improve your return on ad spend, and find new customers. See how SQUATWOLF used Facebook and WooCommerce to help drive full-funnel growth:

Facebook messenger

Add Messenger to your website to answer customer questions, offer support, track deliveries and more. Customize the appearance, language, and greeting to create an experience that’s consistent with your business’s unique style and voice. Messenger lets you continue the conversation even after the customer has left your website.

¹ Facebook data, Q3 2020

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