5 minutes with Woo: Go Innovate

Written by Mark Forrester on October 3, 2008 News.

Go Innovate This week we interview  Craig Haggart of Go Innovate.

Goinnovate is a passionate, enthusiastic web design studio located in Leeds who believe in forward compatibility, web standards, and building web sites that are browser compliant.. We ask Craig a few questions about why they opted to base their recent re-design on a WooTheme.

Craig, you are using our Proudfolio theme, right? Just asking, because you have really done a great job of completely changing our basic theme…

Thank you very much I’m glad you guys like the design, and Yes it is true the website uses the Proudfolio theme, it’s hard to believe when you look at. We stripped the whole thing down and built it from scratch; kind of like dressing a manikin, the structure was there we just dressed it with our own style.

Considering that you have changed the whole theme extensively, why did you buy a commercial theme, instead of developing your own theme from scratch?

Like everything in life time was against us. Our site as it was didn’t show the quality of work we produce and needed a complete re-design (quite frankly we were embarrassed to send future clients there.) So we took the old site down. From then onwards it was a rush to get a portfolio put together. This is where you guys stepped in. It seemed silly to waste precious time building a theme from scratch when we could get one that had all the major features we needed at the next to nothing cost of $70.00. Cheers guys, u saved us a lot of time.

Relating to your previous answer: what do you see as the main advantages & disadvantages of buying a commercial theme?

Like we said before, for us it was time; it saved us a lot! We were lucky there was a theme that had the structure and functionality we needed, it was plane sailing from their customizing it to our taste. I can’t really see any disadvantages of buying a commercial theme, it does what it says on the tin.

The ability to customize our themes extensively, is one of our main selling points. How did you find the process of modifying the theme?

As we already have a great understanding of WordPress the process of modifying the theme was a doddle, everything has been commented throughout and you can’t really go wrong. The support documents are excellent and very easy to follow.

Lastly, how do you feel about your experiences with the WooThemes community thus far? And what would you like to see us add / change in the future?

The support forum is a great asset, it seems a lot of people can get help and answers to their questions without much hassle – nice to see people helping each other.


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  1. Antonio Wells
    October 12, 2008 at 11:13 am #

    Wow! You really cant tell the design was started from the ProudFolio theme. Great job guys!

    WooThemes, great way to show a good selling point: real case study of time savings starting from a premium template.