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Important: This theme was retired in October 2015 and is not for sale. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Installing your Theme ↑ Back to top

To learn how to install your theme please reference our documentation here: Installing a Theme

Checking your theme version ↑ Back to top

You can confirm your theme and WooFramework version by going to: Olya > Framework

Activate your Theme Key ↑ Back to top

After you install your theme, be sure to activate your theme key by downloading and installing the WooCommerce Helper plugin. This will verify your site when contacting support and will enable 2-click updates for quick theme upgrades down the road.

Updating your theme

It is important to ensure you have the latest version of your theme at all times. This is the best way to proactively troubleshoot issues on your site.

Please reference the WooCommerce Helper Documentation to learn more.

The Olya Home Page ↑ Back to top

Olya is a sophisticated portfolio theme that allows you to very easily publish your work, whether that be images, or videos. Not only that, but you can also showcase your portfolio pieces via the nifty Portfolio custom post type.

Below is a screenshot of the Olya home page with each of it’s modules explained.

Setting up your Homepage ↑ Back to top

To set what features show up on your Homepage, go to: Olya > Settings >Layout Options.  Here you can set what features appear on the Homepage, as well as wether to show your blog posts or one of your pages below the Mini-Features area.

Olya Settings Homepage

Next we’ll walk through how to set up each of the Homepage Sections.

Setting Up the Slider ↑ Back to top

To create slides for your homepage, simply click on “Slides” in your Dashboard, then “Add New” to add a new slide. From there you can fill out the title, add a video embed code or url for the slide image to link to, or and an image for the slide.

To create a slide:

  1. Go to: Slides > Add New.
  2. Add slide content in the main content area, including a title and description.
  3. If you want the image to fill the entire background of the slide add a Featured Image for the slide.
  4. Scroll down to review additional options in Olya Settings to optionally add a Video Embed Code or a URL to link the slide.
  5. Publish slide to save.

Olya - Add Slide

Slides On The Homepage

To configure your Slider settings, such as slider height, number of slides to show, and slide animation settings, Go To: Olya > Settings > Featured Slider.

Olya Slider Settings

Creating Your Portfolio ↑ Back to top

To setup your portfolio page in Olya, simply create a new Page and then assign the Portfolio page template to it:

Portfolio Page

Once you’ve added a few Portfolio items, your page will look like this:

Adding portfolio items ↑ Back to top

The portfolio section uses a custom post type called “Portfolio”.  To add a Portfolio item, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to: Portfolio -> Add New
  2. Add a title and some content to describe the portfolio item
  3. Upload the Portfolio image in the Featured Image area in the right sidebar if using the WordPress Thumbnail option.
  4. Add a Video Embed Code in the Olya Settings panel below the Editor if you want to show a video. You will still need to add an image for your portfolio item which is showed on homepage and portfolio page template.
  5. Select or create a Portfolio Gallery to organize your posts.
  6. Publish the portfolio item.

Olya - Edit Portfolio Item

Adding Multiple Portfolio Images ↑ Back to top

You can also add multiple images to your Portfolio item. When you’re uploading the featured image you want to use outlined in the steps above, simply upload all the images you want to use here. Then pick from there the one you want to be your featured image for that post. That image will be the one shown as the thumbnail in the slider and main portfolio page. Also be sure that the other images are set as an attachment page and not image file.

Adding Multiple Images

You can also configure some settings for your portfolio, such as thumbnail size and lightbox settings.  To do this, Go To: Olya > Settings > Portfolio Settings.

Olya Portfolio Settings

Adding Mini-Features ↑ Back to top

Just below the Slider and recent Portfolio Posts on your Homepage are the Mini-Features. There are a total of 4 Mini-Feature areas to showcase any part of your business.

To Add a Mini-Feature:

  1. Go to: Mini-Features > Add New
  2. Add and title and description for the Mini-Feature.
  3. Below the Content Editor, in the Olya Settings panel, you can add a Mini-Features Icon, an excerpt to display on the homepage. You can also add a link for the Mini-Feature if you would like it to open another page from your site or elsewhere.

Olya - Edit Mini-FeatureHere is how the Mini-Features appear on your homepage.

Creating A Team Page ↑ Back to top

To create a team page, Go To: Pages > Add New, and assign the team page template to it like you did for the Portfolio Page above.

This page template displays all of the users on your site- great if you have multiple authors or team members on your site that you want to showcase.

Creating A Contact Page ↑ Back to top

We’ve included a great Contact Page template that you can assign to one of your pages like you did for the the Portfolio page and the Team page. Our Contact Page template not only includes the contact form it also pulls in your latest tweet, your companies address in the left sidebar, as well as the location of your business.

To set up the Contact Page, Go To:  Olya > Settings > Contact Page. From here you can enter your contact information and configure the Google Map to display on your Contact Page.

Olya Contact Page Settings

Widgets ↑ Back to top

Custom Olya Widgets ↑ Back to top

The theme includes 6 custom widgets that you can add to your widgetized sidebar.

The custom woo widgets included are:

  • Woo – Search
  • Woo – Twitter Stream
  • Woo – Adspace Widget
  • Woo – Flickr
  • Woo – Tabs
  • Woo – Blog Author Info

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