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Wootique is a free theme for your WooCommerce store and/or WordPress site.

Note: This product has been retired. Documentation is no longer being updated.

Installing your Theme ↑ Back to top

Learn how to install your theme at: Installing a Theme.

Check your theme version ↑ Back to top

You can confirm your theme and WooFramework version by going to: Hub > Framework

Activate your Theme Key ↑ Back to top

After installing the theme, activate your theme key by downloading and installing the WooCommerce Helper plugin. This will verify your site when contacting support and enable 2-click updates for quick theme upgrades.

Updating your theme

It’s important to have the latest version of your theme at all times. This is the best way to proactively troubleshoot issues on your site.

To learn more, see: WooCommerce Helper Documentation.
Important: Please read through the WooCommerce Documentation and familiarize yourself with using the plugin and its various features. It will help when setting up your theme.

Setting up the homepage ↑ Back to top

After activating Wootique, the homepage will be empty. This section explains how to populate your homepage with content.

If you use the built-in homepage (index.php) and specify that the homepage display’s content via Wootique > Settings > Homepage Settings, then your latest blog post will be used as the introductory text.

The Wootique homepage slider pulls products that have been set as Featured within WooCommerce. If you’re not keen on the slider, you can use a static grid of products by navigating to the Wootique > Settings > Homepage Settings tab without the Wootique custom options.

Don’t forget to create a page specifically for displaying your posts (e.g. Blog) and then assign a page template, if necessary (e.g. blog template).

Featured Products ↑ Back to top

To set up Featured Products:

  1. Go to: Wootique > Settings > Homepage > Featured Products.
  2. Mark a product as Featured by navigating to: Products > Products and Select the Star in the featured column (see below).
    You can alternatively select the Quick Edit option to see the Featured product box.
  3. Set the number of featured products on the homepage at: Wootique > Settings > Homepage > Featured Product.

Wootique Settings 1

Recent Products ↑ Back to top

There is no configuration for this section. Recent products will automatically appear when you begin populating your WooCommerce catalog.

Configure the color scheme ↑ Back to top

The Wootique color scheme can be modified to match your company or brand. The main background color, navigation and footer can all be set within the Wootique > Settings > Styling Options tab inside the Wootique settings.

Wootique Styling Options

The main background color can be altered via the color picker. By default, the navigation and footer is set to black with 10% opacity, which will suit many block colors (i.e., the navigation/footer will appear as a slightly darker hue of your chosen background color).

If you set a background image, which can also be done in this tab, you may need to change the opacity of the menu/footer to ensure legibility. This is done by inserting a value between 0 and 1 into the ‘Menu/Footer Opacity’ option. As an example, entering ‘0.5’ here would result in a 50% opaque black menu/footer.

There is also an option to modify the strength of the container box shadow. This works in much the same was as the menu/footer opacity — 0 will result in no box shadow, and 1 will result in a very strong box shadow.

You can also specify a different link color to match your color scheme.

Custom Wootique widgets ↑ Back to top

The theme includes custom widgets that you can add to any widgetized region. Go to Appearance > Widgets to add these to your theme.

The custom Woo widgets included are:

  • Woo – Get in Touch
  • Woo – Feedback
  • Woo – Contact Information
  • Woo – Archives
  • Woo – Adspace
  • Woo – Search
  • Woo – Tabs
  • Woo – Twitter Stream
  • Woo – Flickr
  • Woo – Blog Author Info
  • Woo – Embed/Video
  • Woo – Subscribe/Connect

To learn more about adding widgets, see: How to Add Widgets.

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