Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce

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Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce

Desarrollado por Amplify Plugins

Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce ensures that when customers change the quantity of an order, the cart automatically updates to reflect the new quantity.

With Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce, you can:

  • Easily update the cart for customers when product quantities change.
  • Control the time delay from when a customer changes quantities and when the cart updates.
  • Set it and forget it. No ongoing maintenance or configuration is needed after initial setup.

WooCommerce Auto Update Cart has one simple setting where you can enter the delay from when the customer updates the quantities to when the cart gets updated.

Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce settings

The GIF below shows the plugin working with a 2.5 second delay from when the customer changes the quantity and the cart updates. The Update Cart button remains on the cart page so that it can be used in other situations where the cart may need updating. Should the customer click the Update Cart button before the plugin updates it automatically, the cart will simply update the quantity.

Auto Update Cart for WooCommerce

This plugin help reduce friction to making a successful sale as well as customer frustration, making your shop more user friendly. It helps increase sales by reducing the frequency of abandoned carts when a customer realizes the cart did not update as expected. It will also reduce the number of frustrated customers calling or emailing about an order that didn’t have the product quantity they expected.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Make your shop easier to use and get happier customers with an automatically updating cart.

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