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A/B Testing for WooCommerce

Run server-side WooCommerce A/B split tests, like product and shipping price tests.

A/B Testing Prices and consistency

Sorry if this is the wrong place to send this.
We are looking to A/B Test sitewide price changes for one of our clients (WP/WooCommerce). The changes are not consistent – product A might be 20% more expensive, Product B might be 12% more expensive, Product C might be 15% more expensive.
Can this plugin do that?
Secondly, people enter the site by multiple landing pages (from PPC) as well as SEO. We would need Client A (wherever they entered) to see ALL of the original prices and Client B to see ALL of the new prices. We have a LOT of landing pages. If this works via Google Optimize, would that entail setting up an experiment for EACH landing page? This might not be practical as Google only offers a limited number of experiments running concurrently.
Any pointers gratefully received – thanks!



Current Status


Last updated: January 26, 2023


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