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Sequential Order Numbers Pro for WooCommerce

Tame your order numbers! Upgrade from Sequential Order Numbers with advanced features and with optional prefixes/suffixes.

Ability for admin to search orders by Order Number (selected in dropdown) when using HPOS.

With HPOS order storage, WooCommerce have added a dropdown selector to filter what the search looks for.

Default options are: ‘All’, ‘Order ID’, ‘Customer Email Address’, ‘Customers’ and ‘Products’.

Search for an order number does not return any results if ‘Order ID’ is selected.

If ‘All’ is selected the search is very very slow to return results.

Whenever Sequential Order Numbers Pro is active, I’d like to propose either adding ‘Order Number’ to the dropdown, or modyfying it so that the ‘Order ID’ field will also accept order number.





Current Status


Last updated: July 8, 2024


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