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Ability to have multiple card payments against an order

At times we find ourselves with an order which has already been paid, but which we might want to edit, and resend to the customer for further payment of a partial balance.

Typically, and in our case, airport transfers are booked in advance and paid at the time they are booked. In this respect, we think there are clear parallels throughout the travel industry such as flight booking, hotel reservation, car rental or tour/excursion booking.

We’d suggest the comparison extends to any service which is booked in advance and where the arrangements are flexible.

From a user experience and from an order management point of view, capturing the change and payment in a separate order, or creating phantom orders just to capture another payment seems unintuitive and creates work and confusion. The user wants to ‘change their order’, so workarounds like cancel and rebook have to be explained. Moveover, processing refunds and taking fresh payments is wonderful for Stripe, but crazy expensive for us.

We’ve been surprised to find that it’s not possible to take multiple (card) payments against the same order. Why isn’t that a many to one relationship?



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Last updated: May 5, 2023

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  1. bjoly63986b0bf8 says:

    Multiple payments are also likely needed to support proper accounting for prepaid gift cards per Multiple payments per order at checkout is also needed.