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Measurement Price Calculator

Add a calculator to your product pages to calculate product quantity required or overall price by square footage and more.

Add 10% Extra to quantity

When selling (floor/ wall) tiles, customers need to buy 10% extra for the loss/ waste of tiles.
Is there a possibility to add the option to customers to automatically choose for 10% extra.



Current Status


Last updated: February 2, 2023


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  1. James Murgatroyd says:

    I’m also interested in adding wastage into the calculation.

  2. clearlink22 says:

    I ended up building this integration of Wastage (as opposed to Overage which is a supplier side buffer) into the product page via a combination of js, css and php in the child theme to integrate piggyback this plugin.

    I had also detailed and requested this functional addition for customer side wastage buffer, but kept hitting confusion with team about the difference between Overage (Overhead average/percentage buffer to supply a quantity to a customer) and Wastage (Customer percentage buffer for waste when cutting/fitting).

    I ran out of time to continue the discussion with support. Long story short, you can build it yourself for now to tie in. But it would be very handy if it was part of the product, so I don’t have to worry about future plugin changes breaking what I’ve built.

  3. legrizzly34 says:

    I am also interested in your plugin, but it is not currently possible to allow the customer to choose or not the extra 10% option. Would you consider adding this possibility?