Add Attribute Mapping to Google Listings and Ads Setting Page

Need the ability to map the “default” value to use for the Google Listings and Ads product attributes to where the correct data is stored for the products.

For instance, the GTIN and MPN attributes in the Google Listings and Ads should map to the GTIN and MPN values in Yoast. The Brand attribute should map to WooCommerce Brands.

Each store can be different, so store owners should be able to control this mapping and apply those settings to all products.



Current Status


Last updated: April 20, 2023


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  1. Philip Venticinque says:

    When will variable attributed such as color and size automatically import into the Google Listings and Ads attributes. Mapping does not currently work for this situation.

  2. sukafia says:

    Hi everyone, attribute mapping functionality was added about 4 months ago. You can learn more about it here. We appreciate your feedback!

  3. andreagiov says:

    Please include mapping of unit pricing measure as well.
    [unit pricing measure]

  4. DARIKAMI says:

    Please include mapping of CATEGORY as well. Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!!!

  5. gomlers says:

    Yes, please also include a custom field, so we can map for example:
    GTIN _custom_ean_field etc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the a must feature

  7. Camden Smith says:

    Amen. You need to get this fixed. It only lets us choose unit sizes of Regular, plus size etc. nothing for inches, feet, nothing….and Google requires this so we are still having to create redundant feeds manually for google otherwise we get rejected and part of the issue is the plug in does not have you choose your products category (art, vs jewelry, vs clothing). And account settings for the plugin should allow you to set the namebrand default for all the listings there so it feeds rather than forcing us to go into every single product.

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