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Add Billing First, Last and email to Primary Person when adding new Xero contact

Your docs for this plugin state: “These are the WooCommerce Order fields that are sent to the Xero invoice. Note: If Billing Company field is used, it will be the main name on the invoice. Otherwise Billing First Name and Billing Last Name are used.”

When pushing an order across to Xero as an invoice, I assume the integration checks to see if the order matches an existing Contact in Xero, and creates one if it does not.

The feature request is that when this happens, the Primary Person fields should be set to the Billing First, Billing Last, and Billing Email address.

In Xero, the organisation is called a Contact, and there is a Primary Person field as the main contact person for the organisation. Given that WooCommerce knows who the Primary Person is from the Billing information, it would make sense that this information be pushed into the Primary Person fields as well. I would not recommend that this happen when the organisation is already present in Xero as a Contact. However, it might be useful to have an option in the integration settings to add the Billing details as another person in the organisation.


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Last updated: May 28, 2018

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  1. Steve Gaensler says:

    It would be great to get a response to tis as I have the same problem and it makes reconciling payments very difficult