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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Add Cash App as payment option!

We have a problem with payments via the WooCommerce Stripe Payments extension.

Most of our customers use a ‘Cash App’ a prepaid credit card which won’t be accepted with the regulair CreditCard payment option.

Now i contacted Stripe for this, to enable this but when we look at the payment options it seems that WooCommerce rules this.

Could you please accept and add ‘Cash App’ as a payment option for the Stripe Extension?

WooCommerce Inc. manages the payment methods for you
WooCommerce Inc. has not enabled you to manage payment methods from the dashboard.



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Last updated: March 22, 2023

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  1. aleks99 says:

    Hey oktay1989,

    I feel your pain with the WooCommerce Stripe Payments hassle. It’s frustrating when the usual plastic fantastic doesn’t cut it, right? I had a similar head-scratcher a while back.

    Here’s a quick fix: have you considered tossing in PayPal as an alternative for now? I found it smoothed out the bumps in my payment process, playing nice with various cards and even those quirky prepaid ones. Or check out other suggestions for similar apps here:

    Now, about your Cash App hitch, I’d say try shooting WooCommerce a friendly email nudging them about the ‘Cash App’ omission. My two cents—sometimes these tech folks need a little prod to see the light. I’ve seen it work wonders before.

    Hope this nudges you in the right direction, buddy 🙂 Happy selling!