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Add custom fields to supplier email notifications


I have tried for several hours in a number of different ways to add a custom field (the phone number for delivery) to the supplier email notifications, and it never works.

The custom field appears on the checkout page and also in the normal email notifications that are sent to the admin of the website. But it doesn’t appear on the email that is sent to suppliers, generated by the “Woocommerce Dropshipping” plugin.

I have edited the packingslip.html in a number of different ways, it doesn’t work.

This custom field (phone for delivery) is added through the “booster for woocommerce” plugin but I’ve also tested adding it without any plugin, and also in that case, I manage to make it appear in the normal store admin emails, but not in the emails generated by this plugin, that go to the supplier, and it definitely needs to appear there.

It’s associated with the shipping options, but I’ve also tested putting the custom field in other areas and it never works ->

so: how does one add a custom checkout field, that appears both on the checkout and on normal admin emails, to the emails that are sent to suppliers?

Thanks in advance



Current Status


Last updated: December 18, 2022


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