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Add filter to Invoice status

I’ve made a change to the code in classes/class-wc-xr-invoice.php on line 335 that changes the status of a new order from APPROVED to DRAFT. This small change works perfectly with Xero for me. Would it be possible for the developers to add a filter to this line that allows a plugin to override the default order status? Even more useful would be an extra setting in the settings page (but i know that is asking a bit much).


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Last updated: June 24, 2016


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  1. kameleondigital says:

    Hi @kjhosting can you please let me know where in the website I add the filter?
    It doesn’t seem to work within the theme’s functions.php

  2. kjhosting says:

    I know this is 8 years old! But just in case someone is still looking for this feature, it’s easily achievable by using their provided filter:

    function kjh_change_xero_status($xml){
    $xml = str_replace(“AUTHORISED”,”DRAFT”,$xml);
    return $xml;