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Add rate option to discounted Standard Room Rate for specific number of nights booked.

Similarly to how the **Block count** cost option for Bookable products, allow a store owner to reduce the rate for an Accommodation product based on duration of stay.

Current Status


Last updated: September 20, 2017


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  1. Andrew Evans says:

    It is such a shame that this add-on to bookings removes functionality that is so important :-
    Check-in Check-out times per order/product
    Change rate on number of days booked

    all just to add the ability to book overnight.

  2. Marc says:

    Almost ALL accommodation businesses apply discounts on stay duration. Your booking plugin is so neat I hate to use others, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS!! The function is there for blocks, why disable it for accommodation?? thank you.

  3. Marc says:
  4. Eric Minaker says:

    Issue has persisted since at least early 2016 and is default behavior for many less expensive, third-party plugins.


  5. Cristian V. says:

    Well, add myself to the queue. That’s something extremely necessary for the industry. Not having that is forcing me to use other plugins and uninstall woocommerce, although I would love to keep using the plugins I paid for.
    Its mandatory that the plugin allows the owner to make “discounts” based on the amount of nights purchased.

  6. Oliver Gerber says:

    Hello, I see it like Cristian V. If this is not implemented soon, I will have to change the plugin. Thanks for doing it quickly.


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