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Shipment Tracking

by  Woo
Add shipment tracking information to your orders.

Add shipment status column to orders page, or notification of exceptions and delays

It would be very useful to see what the status of a shipment (shipped, in transit, delivered, exception) is without having to click on the tracking number of each individual order. Ideally this would be an additional column in the Orders page.

Alternatively, or even better would be additionally, an email sent to the site admin / shop manager with any shipping exceptions.

As it is, we have no way to proactively manage shipping problems for customers, we just have to wait until the complain about a shipment not arriving.



Current Status


Last updated: January 22, 2024

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  1. paulostp says:

    Thanks for taking the time to submit the feature request and presenting your use case. I can see how having access to shipment status updates from the WooCommerce dashboard could lead to a speedier workflow. While we can’t promise immediate changes, your feedback helps us prioritize improvements. Thank you!