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Add Stripe ACH for Woocommerce and Woocommerce Subscriptions

Add Stripe ACH payments for both Woocommerce and Woocommerce subscriptions for businesses that don’t have debit/credit cards but want to be charge automatically through ACH


Current Status


Last updated: November 13, 2019


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  1. guardianangeldevices says:

    The only option I found is this plugin, but there is ZERO company info even though it’s well supported and FREE. Anyone have any info on them?

  2. carolinarides says:

    Would be great if ACH was simply a payment option, along with credit card, etc. during checkout.

  3. infoartificialgrassbiz says:

    Oh thats right you havent negotiated a piece for you yet you scum bags, always nickle and dime us.

  4. infoartificialgrassbiz says:

    ADD this feature, its available on stripe!!!!

  5. danohart says:

    Would also love this feature to cut down on subscription cancelations due to a canceled credit card.

  6. Kristen says:

    This is very helpful for B2B companies and saves us from having to get new CC info everytime one expires

  7. Joseph says:

    There’s already an enormous WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem of tools for invoicing and requesting payments and Stripe is one of the most common payment processors. It would be amazing to be able to utilize Stripe ACH with the $5 processing fee cap for large invoices (consulting or services) or recurring subscriptions. Please add!!!

  8. Patrick Coleman says:

    Is there any progress on this or any available solutions for ACH subscription payments?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Still, couldn’t this be incorporated into this plugin? I mean it looks like just a few post requests to both validate account information and bill an account. Would be nice not to have to pay $200 for a plugin. Also, the docs on this plugin says ACH is not supported by Stripe but it is now, so maybe the developers could look into it, or at least update the Docs to say they have no intentions of adding the feature…

  10. Stephen says:

    There are a couple plugins that enable the Stripe ACH gateway for Woocommerce, but to my knowledge the team at Woo has yet to enable any of these for their Subscriptions plugin. I’m looking into using Chargebee for recurring ACH payments since I can’t find a solution to this. I hoped to use Woocommerce as I have Cartflows funnels and Learndash integrated with Woocommerce. I need ACH so I might have to custom dev an integration for Subscriptions but it seems like this should be native to Woo Subscriptions.


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