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Add support for Aelia Currency Switcher

As per the Amazon Pay Developer comments in following link we are raising this feature request as the developer indicated that the decision to implement features is also made by WooCommerce team.

We believe this is very simple change as the code has already been written by the developer of the Aelia Currency Switcher ready to be merged as per the following code and comments

A few reasons it should be implemented include:

1. The integration would NOT be difficult to review and test as the integration consists of three lines of code, spread across a much larger class which is 90% documentation.

2. The integration would NOT require a lot of maintenance in the future. The Aelia Currency Switcher is one of the few plugins that never introduced breaking changes, in over 10 years. Once the integration has been implemented, it will work indefinitely. If, and only if, significant changes are ever required, the developer personally informs all the developers who wrote an integration to show them how to adapt their code, before any change becomes public.

3. The Aelia Currency Switcher is very popular and defiantly warrants an integration. The Aelia Currency Switcher was the first true multi-currency plugin ever released for WooCommerce, and it remains popular, both due to its extensibility and the quality of our support service. The Aelia Currency Switcher not only keeps going strong, but more developers integrate with it on a regular basis. they have thousands of official installations.



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Last updated: January 11, 2023

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