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PayPal Payments

by  Woo
One checkout solution. Many ways to pay. PayPal’s all-in-one solution allows you to offer PayPal, Venmo (US), Pay Later at no additional cost, credit and debit cards, and country-specific payment options.

Add the possibility to put it in area “5. payment options” in block checkout as option together with all other payment options


in the old checkout system paypal was in the section “payment option” with all other payment options. Now in news block checkout it´s only to be positioned on top of all other element as “checkout block”.

In Germany it´s forbidden to put “buy” button in front of all other informations in checkout process. Also I prefer the old option where it´s together as an option with all other payment options and a description that u could add.

Why removing this possibility? It makes no sense to me…

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Current Status


Last updated: November 2, 2023


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