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Additional Content Restriction Options

A fairly standard method of content restriction in WordPress plugins is to restrict post content past a certain point. This is often achieved by using the ‘more’ tag. This is valuable for posts where you may want to show 5 paragraphs for example but lock down the last 5.

In WooCommerce Memberships I can either lock the page down with an excerpt (which is too short and doesn’t play well with homepages) or use the shortcodes.

The shortcodes can create some cool combinations but for standard posts it means a shortcode to protect the post, a shortcode to display to non-members and, one or more shortcodes to display to people who may be members but not holding the memberships relevant to the post.

It would be a lot easier to use the ‘more’ tag or a shortcode to protect everything after a point, using the membership meta box to set post permissions and displaying the restriction notices as normal.


Current Status


Last updated: December 3, 2015


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  1. ahmad says:

    I want to set the number of words (or paragraphs) that are shown to posts that are displayed on the product purchase.
    Posts that are displayed on the purchase of products include a very brief description and can not be used to determine the number of words or paragraphs that are both marketable and bad in terms of SEO.
    I suggest adding an option that can be customizable, such as posting restrictions, posts that are related to product purchases.
    For example, have a shortscode, or there is an option in the settings for the number of words or paragraphs
    Thank you

  2. Daniel says:

    needed ASAP!!

  3. Ian says:

    This idea seems even more important given the new ‘My Account’ Area launched over the weekend.
    Playing around on my install it seems posts protected by shortcodes don’t appear in the “My Content” section.