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WooCommerce Blocks

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WooCommerce Blocks offers a range of Gutenberg blocks you can use to build and customise your site.

Algunas sugerencias

Hola! Estoy probando los nuevos bloques de WooCommerce (carrito y página de pago)

Al parecer, el tema que yo uso (GeneratePress) no es del todo compatible ya que muestra algunos problemas con los estilos.

También sería bueno si pudieran colocar una opción para que muestre la fecha estimada de entrega para productos físicos, algo como:

“Tu pedido llegará entre el 15 de Mayo y 20 de Mayo”

En la página de pago, sería genial si colocan una opción para colocar u ocultar campos, por ejemplo en mi caso yo no uso el código postal para nada.

Siguiendo con la idea anterior, también una opción para cambiar el nombre de cada campo.

En la publicación del blog, pude ver que debajo del botón CTA había unos logotipos de tarjetas de crédito.

No logro encontrar cómo habilitarlas.

¡Realmente me encantó esta actualización, espero poder usarlo pronto en mis sitios de comercio electrónico que están en producción!


Current Status


Last updated: May 29, 2020

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  1. gary.murray says:

    Thanks for the ideas – just to let you know I have used Google Translate to be able to reply:

    > Apparently the theme I use (GeneratePress) is not entirely supported as it shows some issues with styles.

    We are working on some updates to try make the blocks inherit more of the default styles defined by a theme – having said that, there may be some updates needed from your theme author to provide full support for these blocks.

    > It would also be nice if they could put an option to show the estimated delivery date for physical products, something like:

    > “Your order will arrive between May 15 and May 20”

    That is a feature we had in the initial designs, ultimately this would require changes in the shipping extensions themselves to support that – so it is something we have as something to look into for future releases.

    > On the payment page, it would be great if they put an option to place or hide fields, for example in my case I don’t use the postal code at all.

    > Continuing with the previous idea, also an option to change the name of each field.

    > Thanks – we will take your thoughts into consideration.

    > In the blog post, I could see that under the CTA button were some credit card logos.

    > I can’t find how to enable them.

    Those icons are currently pulled from the payment methods – so currently they are using icons that were defined in the Stripe payment method integration we’ve built for the blocks. Future payment method integrations would be able to define what credit cards they support and then the icons would be shown as a result.