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Allow Ability To Remove Subscription Option Radio Button From Cart View

It would be marvelous to be able to switch on or off the display of the option to subscribe to a product while the customer is in the cart. The issue is that we wish to market products with a discount code for various ad campaigns. Any product that also has the subscription option then displays that option to subscribe while in the cart. We don’t want our coupon marketing to apply to subscriptions. Therefore, having that option visible causes confusion with the customers. And, the coupons aren’t able to be applied to the subscriptions. This causes massive abandoned carts.

I would suggest that this be an option added to the settings in the individual product’s details page. That way we can select precisely which product(s) would or wouldn’t display the subscription option on the cart page. But, would still allow us to provide the option on the product details page.


Current Status


Last updated: March 30, 2022


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  1. orhanf says:


    Orhan here from Nice to be connecting. I have discussed your specific feature request regarding being able to toggle subscription options on or off while in the cart and it has been determined that with the new cart block, it is not yet possible to select a subscription plan for the entire cart nor for the individual cart items.

    While the development team assesses which features to add into the plugin based on community demand, should you want this feature implemented as soon as possible you can opt to reach out to a Woo Expert to get this done:


  2. Rachael Whittaker says:

    I think all too often the genius developers who make these plugins forget that the customer experience they’re ultimately designing is aimed at people who get confused by radio buttons with options much more easily than they do. If you think how easily confused the average person is and then consider that half of the population is even more easily confused than that (not to mention impatient) then what you’ve created is something that’s likely to cause a loss of revenue that outweighs any gain.

  3. Rachael Whittaker says:

    I agree, this is a seriously ugly aspect of this plugin. Such a lot of hard work has obviously gone into the whole system and for it to be so badly let down by something like this is a real shame.

  4. Halefresh LLC says:

    I’m looking for this right now as I ran into the same issue.