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Gift Cards

by  Woo
Offer prepaid digital gift cards that customers can redeem online.

Allow customer set send time of gift card

Customers need to be able to set the send time of a gift card, not just the date.

Currently gift cards sent have their delivery time set to the time the buyer places their gift card order. This is far from ideal and is the source of many complaints about cards not received.

Our customers commonly order at night. A customer places an order for a gift card at 11pm on 1st July, they select the delivery date as 2nd of July, thus expecting the receiver of the gift card to get it next day not understanding the timeslot is defined as when they ordered.

So for a customer placing a last minute gift order for someone to have a gift card delivered on a birthday, a colleague going on maternity leaves’ last day in the office etc. They never get the card if it was ordered late in the day or at night making the date of delivery irrelevant as it misses the occasion.

The fields for time are already hidden fields on the front-end, it wouldn’t take a huge change in the code to allow this be set by the customer.



Current Status


Last updated: January 25, 2023


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  1. mrjustinv says:

    YES. This is so annoying. Multiple customers have reached out to us on chat asking why their gift card wasn’t sent and it’s always because it hasn’t been sent *yet* and I have to do it manually.

  2. mariahjadec says:

    at least put an automatic disclaimer for the TIME of order being sent when selecting another option than NOW… This is a ridiculous design flaw, NOT a “customization issue”, will be considering other gift card plugins, but we are locked into this until our old gift cards expire.

  3. Brant says:

    This is a no brainer. People buying late in the day get frustrated when their vouchers don’t get delivered until late in the day. I’m currently having to check scheduled gift vouchers daily and manually set them to go off at 7am. Not ideal.