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USPS Shipping Method

by  Woo
Get shipping rates from the USPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

An option to mark an item as non-machineable

Please add an option to mark any item as non-machineable.

Currently the extension determines whether or not an item is machineable based on the following:

// From USPS website
// Machinable parcels must measure:
// No more than 27 inches long x 17 inches width x 17 inches high.
// No more than 25 pounds (35 pounds for Parcel Select and Parcel Return Service, except books and other printed matter which cannot exceed 25 pounds).

There are use-cases where items small and lighter than the above are also non-machineable, but there’s currently no way via settings or filters to change that value.



Current Status


Last updated: November 9, 2023

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  1. erinhartrocks says:

    Non-machinable items (ex. polybags or rigid envelopes) require an additional charge with USPS. Because this option is not available, this paid plug-in is not offering accurate rates for all USPS shipping options. There is also no way to add this price adjustment to the manually added “box sizes” in the plug-in. Therefore, without these options, this plug-in does not allow accurate calculation of all USPS shipping rates. Currently, the only proposed solution offered to have this plug-in working accurately (and as advertised) is to additionally pay a partnered service to generate custom code to solve the problem. Please resolve.