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Apply AND rather than OR logic to product & categories

Here’s my use case: Coupon should ONLY be applied when 10 products or more of selected category are in the cart. If 10 items are in the cart, but 9 of them are from the selected category, and one of them is from a different category, then the coupon should NOT apply. Right now, the coupon applies if there are 10 items in the cart, regardless of which category. I understand the plugin currently works on an OR setting, and it would be great to have it on an AND basis.



Hale Ola Pono

Current Status


Last updated: February 16, 2023

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  1. xist2lorna says:

    Adding my use case to the vote: Coupon should only apply if the set quantity of EACH product is in the cart, not ANY of the products. E.g. Coupon1 applies a discount when 1 x ProductA AND 1 x ProductB are present in the cart.