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AutomateWoo Rules – Customer Billing/Shipping Postcode

Our Site has AutomateWoo Emails that send Order Notifications whenever an order is placed. I have them set up to send to Store1/Store2 depending on the customer’s postcode. The issue is, AutomateWoo’s Rules only allow to target ‘Customer – Postcode’, and does not specify Billing or Shipping Postcode. This disallows me from being able to trigger the email based on the customer’s Shipping Postcode within our Local Delivery Zone, since sometimes orders come in with different Billing/Shipping Addresses.

Could AutomateWoo please build an option to trigger based on Customer’s Shipping Postcode?


Current Status


Last updated: May 25, 2021


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  1. Anonymous says:

    To clarify, the ‘Customer – Postcode’ Rule targets the Billing Postcode – I would like to target the Shipping Postcode.

    Thank You in Advance!

  2. Felipe S says:

    While the team might still not have a solution for that with the native options, an alternative is to set the “Customer – Custom Field” and add “shipping_postcode” as the key while adding the value of the postcode that should filter.