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“Abandoned cart” report

a dashboard with statistics totally dedicated to the active carts and abandoned carts would be really useful.
We’d like to know how much money we’re losing for abandoned carts in last 30 days. At now we can look at active carts, but we can’t know the total amount of these carts for example. The only way is to do it manually with a calculator 😢
With a dashboard of statistics we will could plan some actions to hit directly that active carts 💪🏼


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Last updated: November 8, 2020

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  1. Jon Brown says:

    Related. The way AW stores abandoned carts in the DB makes running reports from that data nearly impossible. It’s why folks use things like Metroik, Glew and others platforms that "mirror" data into a new database from which one can actually run sophisticated reports.

    I created a feature request to "fix that" in conjunction with WooCommerce’s new HPOS database schema.

    But honestly all this suggests that abandoned carts themselves ought to be part of the WC Core Schema, and not regulated to an add-on like AW. AW should continue to handle the email generation based on those abandoned carts, but actually storing the carts in the DB should be part of WC core such that AutomateWoo OR other plugins could reliably use that data.,