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Integration with WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Add actions that would allow creation of gift cards and store credit via a workflow.


Current Status


Last updated: July 26, 2018


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  1. Ilham Fauzan says:

    naoki jo: Yup, its the same problem with me. Is there any solutuon for this?

  2. naoki jo says:

    Dan Bitzer:
    I generate "customer.generate_coupon"
    by automatewoo,
    But original value of the coupon has gone,
    I want to generate new coupon with "Max discount" that can set by smart coupon.
    Are there any way?

  3. Tony says:

    Dan Bitzer: No worries, it would be great to see this implemented. It’ll be quite handy. Thanks again.

  4. Dan Bitzer says:

    Kevin H.: Great to hear it’s working for you!

  5. Kevin H. says:

    Dan Bitzer: Hey Dan!
    After updating to 5.2 and adding the filter, the coupons are now generated using the template description. In other words it works perfectly!
    Thanks a lot for the effort spent addressing this pesky compatibility issue. Have a great day!

  6. Dan Bitzer says:

    Tony: Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll be sure to keep it in mind for future planning.

  7. Dan Bitzer says:

    Kevin H.: We’ve added a filter in 5.2 that provides an update-proof way to override the description for coupons generated by AW. Here’s an example code snippet:

  8. Tony says:

    Would be great if Smart Coupon actions could be integrated with AutomateWoo. At the moment if a coupon with an action is created in Smart Coupons, this does not seem to be honoured in the AutomateWoo generated coupon. For example having a product added to the cart when the coupon is used. Please see screenshots.
    Is there any chance of compatibility? This is something that would be very useful to have.

  9. Kevin H. says:

    Dan Bitzer: Thanks for the update Dan!
    As I needed to move forward with the integration of Smart Coupons, I’ve written a (pretty hacky) custom function to achieve those, but then it needs to be added manually as a custom function action in each coupon generating workflows. As a result a forgetful admin or plugin update might break that function.
    An update-proof filter for disabling "generated by AW" and passing instead the coupon’s template original description would definitely be great! When you have time to work on it, please ping me and I’d be happy to test it out and report back.
    As for the email restriction filter, I’ve just tested it out and it works like a charm. Thanks a bunch!

  10. Dan Bitzer says:

    Kevin H.: thanks for that info! That’s really helpful.
    With the first option I think the best solution would be to add a filter that let’s you disable the "generated by AW" coupon description. Would that work for you?
    Secondly, here is the filter to enable email restricted coupons:
    If you add this to your site you user’s should be able to view their AW coupons in the Smart Coupons section.
    Does that help?

  11. Kevin H. says:

    Dan Bitzer:
    Two things are needed for both plugins to work well together.
    First, Smart Coupons displays the coupon’s default description field on the coupon visual. However when a coupon is generated dynamically via AW, AW overrides the chosen template’s description with "generated by AW". An option to keep the template’s description is necessary.
    Second, while there seem to be a filter for email restricted coupons in AW code, I cannot find that option in AW coupon creation module. Allowing for the generation of email restricted coupons via a workflow would ensure those coupons are displayed in the user specific "available coupons" section created by Smart Coupons.

  12. Dan Bitzer says:

    James Shulman: This isn’t on our roadmap right now. If you are looking for some specific cross-functionality with Smart Coupons please let us know how you expect it to work. Thanks!

  13. James Shulman says:

    Any progress made with this? This is from 2018

  14. Arsenico Boom says:

    Same here, it would definitely be useful so show coupons generated with AW in the coupons section of mypage and in cart and checkout page.
    Please do something, thank you

  15. Nathan Ward says:

    Definitely agree with this. I’d like to also use a coupon template to assign the coupons generated by Automate woo to take advantage of the Smart Coupons email usage. to ensure only that customer can use the coupon code, and it will display the coupon on their checkout/account page as well.

  16. Lindsay Sterling says:

    I agree! It would be great if you could create store credit gifts with a workflow, and enable that store credit to be automatically applied to an existing subscription on the next renewal payment (the same functionality that you have created with your Refer a Friend plugin).