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Remove refunded line items from review shortcode

We have come up against an interesting use case. When we have a partial refund come in the line item we refund is still included in our review request emails. We would like the ability to filter out any refunded items from the review box so that they are not showing up on the customer side. Thoughts Dan?


Lauren Goldstein

Current Status


Last updated: November 12, 2023


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  1. Lauren Goldstein says:

    Dan Bitzer: You are welcome! I agree, it definitely is an interesting bug that is causing some friction so I would LOVE a solution. Please keep me posted 🙂 THANK YOU!

  2. Dan Bitzer says:

    Lauren Goldstein: Thanks for reporting this. It sounds like we should be hiding refunded items. I’ve opened an issue internally about this. We will update this idea when we’ve got more info.

  3. Lauren Goldstein says:

    Dan Bitzer I would love your 2 cents on this new use case we uncovered ☺️