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Throttle email actions throughput

Background: most hosters implement some kind of smtp limit – in my case, I can send 25 emails per 5 minutes and exceeding that limit leads to send-rejects (=pain).

Obviously, I could change hoster (=pain), or use an SMTP-service (=expensive=pain), but the problem only seems to grow along with anti-spam-rigor of the hotmail- and’s out there, so more and more AutomateWoo-customers are affected.

This feature request is thus about making it possible to configure a global limit (=across all workflows that send emails) of emails sent per time period. For instance, this could be achieved in the queue where all workflow’s email actions are queued. Certain actions could still be executed, while "email sends" are delayed until the limits allow for more emails to be sent.


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Last updated: March 21, 2023


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  1. Verein Reflekt says:

    +1 This is such an important feature request. My host allows a max of 1000 emails per hour. So as soon as we hit that limit automatewoo won’t work anymore…

  2. Jon Brown says:

    +1 Same issue with transactional email providers wither that be Google SMTP, or SendInBlue, or whatever.

    AutomateWoo regularly generated 10,000 emails for us and then tries to send them basically instantly. Many of which fail due to exceeding quotas.

    I’d like to see an option to throttle that to "Max 1000 emails/hour". Not just because of the email server limits, but also because of the load it causes on the web server.