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AutomateWoo - Refer A Friend add-on

by  Woo
Boost your organic sales by adding a customer referral program to your WooCommerce store.

AffiliateWP Integration

Your Refer a Friend addon is amazing. The issue is that I would rather make all my customers, Affiliates who earn cash, and process paypal payouts such as with AffiliateWP.

I would love to see actions, triggers and rule integration with affiliatewp.

Automatic Affiliate Coupon creation. Affiliate Coupon Variables to include in emails, etc.

I would happily pay extra for this add on too… it would be highly valuable.


Christopher Michael

Current Status


Last updated: April 29, 2019


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  1. Tom F says:

    Me too.
    AffiliateWP is (one of the most) stable, recognised and complete affiliate/referral plugins.

    Having triggers, actions and variables integrated with AW (and refer a friend) would be a perfect combo.

  2. Hugo Sum says:

    Same here