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AutomateWoo - Refer A Friend add-on

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Boost your organic sales by adding a customer referral program to your WooCommerce store.

Partial refund for referring a friend

Hi I’m wondering if you can do an option for a partial refund for customers who refer a friend, instead of a coupon. For example, buy an item, refer a friend with unique coupon. When unique coupon is redeemed the referrer gets a refund off their initial order.


simon evans

Current Status


Last updated: October 24, 2019


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  1. LittleBig Bikes says:

    Dan Bitzer: yeah it’s something more for a single product store where returning customers are less likely. I.e where there aren’t follow up products for them to purchase with their referrer coupon.

  2. Dan Bitzer says:

    Hi there, that’s an interesting idea!

    It should be technically possible but I don’t think this is a feature we could consider unless there was a lot of demand for it.