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Accepting payments is easy with Square. Clear rates, fast deposits (1-2 business days). Sell online and in person, and sync all payments, items and inventory.

Basic Features that any Online+In Store integration

Shopify, Vend, LiteSpeed all currently house these basic features which I think would be very applicable to integrate and compete with retailers using WooCommerce + Square

1) Specify Products – Not all retailers post all items online, Square offer sales channels options. WooCommerce should utilise this to have a toggle to enable/diable what products go to WooCommerce. Sales Channels is a standard feature in 2023, retailers need transparency of where they want their stock to be available.

2) Master Inventory
Having an option to sync inventory from all locations, it seems like the API can access multiple locations. A script to find matching SKUs from each locations, and forming a total stock level would achieve this. Quite easy when Square’s match all items feature is enabled to have the same products available at each locations. If each location had different products, maybe adding a seperate toggle for a single point of truth would work? E.g. Sync stock levels from all locations, use title, description etc from Store 1. If Store 2 had a product that Store 1 didn’t, just use Store 2’s title, description etc. I can see the PHP being written in my head haha, if, else, yay.

3) Price Override
Square offers the ability to add a price override per location, if a WC site is using a specific locations for inventory, reading from the price override field in a product seems like it should just be in effect right now? E.g. online is having a sale, but physical locations are not. Using the price override field in Square to set a price for the online store location should reflect on WC.

I think Square+WC have a great shot at competing with other RMS platforms. Even offering a paid version of this plugin to push features and allocate extra resources to development here would be worth investing into. As for an agency like ours, we need a one size fits all solution, and majority of the time that is WooCommerce, but it lacks as soon as the retailer starts looking for a POS to offer products in store. Straight away, Shopify is the best bet. Implementing the three options above would make our clients jump ship.

Props for adding Gift Cards, that’s a huge step in the right direction!


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Last updated: October 12, 2023


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