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PayPal Payments

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One checkout solution. Many ways to pay. PayPal’s all-in-one solution allows you to offer PayPal, Venmo (US), Pay Later at no additional cost, credit and debit cards, and country-specific payment options.

big problem paypal paiement

Hello, I have a big problem with WooCommerce PayPal Payments V.2.4.1.
When I validate the payment without indicating the delivery address of the modial relay point, the payment is activated even though it should not be without having entered the delivery point. I put a “payment on delivery” button in addition to payments via PayPal and I don’t have the problem. I cannot validate the order without having indicated the delivery point. This is a big problem because I am not the only one to sell materialized products and offer PayPal payment. This means that each customer who places an order can place it without setting the delivery point.

I contacted the developer of my software for global relay delivery and he wrote me this:

Hello Didier,
I just installed the Pro version on the site.
Regarding the problem, unfortunately it comes from the Paypal extension. Concretely we use a functionality allowing you to block the default WooCommerce button which is used to validate the request.
However, Paypal for their part does not use this WooCommerce button but uses their own button. In fact, unfortunately we cannot block the fact that the order is validated if it is a payment via Paypal…
The proof on your site, I just put payment on delivery, you will see that it is not possible to validate the order if a collection point is not selected.
Alexandre – WcMultiShipping Team

Then I contacted the Paypal technical service to explain the problem to them and I gave them access to my administrator account so that they could check the problem and the response was the same as the developer of the WcMultiShipping delivery software.
Payal wrote me this:

Hello Didier,
thanks for the video. I understand that you do not want payment to be made without the choice of delivery point. Unfortunately, PayPal does not control this option. As previously mentioned, you are using a PayPal extension. Please understand that PayPal extensions are not developed by our team but rather by third-party developers. I advise you to contact the developer of the extension.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Global Technical Support
PayPal, Inc.

What can I do because this is embarrassing even for everyone who uses your application for your materialized products! We must contact all customers by email who have not chosen their delivery point to ask them to do so by email by contacting us? Don’t you see the work? How to solve this problem which is still a very big problem especially in online sales?

Looking forward to your solution,
Kind regards



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Last updated: November 23, 2023


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