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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

by  OPMC
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Blacklist extension

On the “Blacklist setting” page, it would be great if one could block a customer based on name, phone number, delivery/billing address. There are many bad actors who try to place orders with another email address but the same name. This would allow for filtering them out.

There is already such an extension, namely Woo Manage Fraud Orders – by Prasidhda Malla. Unfortunately, the plugin has not been updated for over a year, thus posing a security risk. If its features were integrated into your extension, I would subscribe again. As it stands, the extension feels incomplete to me.

It would be an extra feature if a specific error message could be displayed for an incorrect email address. For example, if a customer writes “” instead of “”, then on the checkout page it would display, “Error! Please correct your email address!”

Thank you for allowing me to share.




Current Status


Last updated: February 11, 2024


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