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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Book multiple resources for 1 bookable product


* A BnB has 3 rooms, the rooms should be able to booked together but also individually.
* That is possible with resources.
* At least to a degree because it’s not possible to book multiple resources for 1 bookable product

This would be a great addition and give more freedom to stores


Current Status


Last updated: August 24, 2017


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  1. 92 West says:

    On David Towoju’s link being dead just go to the “Wayback Machine” and copy / paste the url. Also, Mr. Towoju’s plugins moved to another company which is probably why the link is dead.

  2. 92 West says:

    We were able to resolve this after a great deal of customization; made more difficult due to other integrations we needed to accommodate. However, the process is possible and repeatable. I’m still not sure why it’s not an option that is built into the system by default. If you are interested in hearing more or seeing an example please visit and I’ll send you a link to the working client site with an overview on what needs to be done based on the current version (01/13/2024).

  3. Glenn Murdoch says:

    Yes!!!! This is essential

  4. Glenn Murdoch says:

    @David Towoju

    Your link is broken, are you able to share how you solved this?

  5. stephkennerson says:

    Another vote for this. I have a studio booking site. We want to book 5 rooms separately but also have the option to book out the bottom floor. Did anyone find a solution for this?

  6. senselessworldblog says:

    This sort of feature should be standard. Think about bike rental. 4 people want to rent a bike at once but all 4 want a different bike. Product Add ons is a work around but its messy and allows double bookings. This feature was first requested in 2014 I believe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Andie says:

    I have a similar situation for a completely different industry.

    A fishing lake has a set number of Pegs (fishing positions) and these are set up as Resources as they can only be sold once in a booking period.

    There are 4 booking products – Day, Night, Match, or exclusive use of the whole lake.

    The pegs can be booked individually for 2 of the options but not for matches or on an exclusive basis because WooCommerce Bookings does not support multiple resources per booking.

    This suggestion would be useful to a significant number of businesses.

  8. gonzalo says:

    Hi, I was watching your booking plugin and I have a question before buying it.

    about resources, which can be created and assigned to the products that are sold. When leaving fixed, they are necessarily assigned to the product, perfect. when the client selects them from a drop-down list, it is also very good, but it is possible that in the same product a customer can choose from more than one drop-down list the resources he wants, as if he could a package that makes a measure but in the reserve Select the availability of what you want, without having to add to the cart and choose another product. I hope my question is understood. this was translated in google solution to event planner

  9. Simon says:

    For our business, which offers food tours and cooking classes, we need multiple resources: these include a venue, an instructor and various other resources. One resource per booking makes this difficult.