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Boolean Search + Filter is needed. Search feature is very slow

1) We need Boolean search feature plus Filter to work together.

Boolean search such as AND, NOT and OR produce more relevant results. If filter is also added then there will be refined result. Filter could be Price, Location, Category, Sku, Tag, Attributes, Title, Heading (H1,H2,H3), Paragraph, Comment etc.

2) There should be option to arrange results (A) Alphabetically (B) Numerically (C) Keywords (D) based on relevance (E) Price. (F) Also there should be option for us to make a list of index/topics/URL so that customer can rely on us if they fail to find expected result; With this option enabled search engine will search from our index only & show results.

(3) This will be excellent feature for stores. Many stores don’t like WordPress because the search is Slow & doesn’t give relevant result.

(4) Show search results based upon maximum relevance/matching > then less relevant > then least relevant just like google does. Irrelevant results are irritating just like yahoo search. And slow search kills.


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Last updated: December 4, 2020


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  1. Prashan says:

    To addup with above comments,

    5) Suppose you sell many products under category Fruits, Masala , Vegetables;
    Customer wants to search fresh vegetable in last 3 days from category vegetables only. Then, filter should be category > Vegetable > (recently edited + new product page) in last 123 days. The search result should display most recent pages on top.

    6) Now, date should be displayed (Recently edited date + Page creation date) in search result page for convenience of customer.

    7) An e-commerce website without proper search engine is like a shopkeeper without sales person. I think this has been a biggest fallout for WooCommerce plugin.

    8) Slow search result is like a shop with a sleeping salesperson.

    Sooner this feature is made available, better it is. Waiting for an update…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    To add up:

    9) Location based search for multi-vendors is beneficial. People may wish to buy from local vendors. Hence search filter must have location based search.

    The admin will create list of (1) Pin-code or (2) name of city/Location with (3) vendor name/ID in 3 columns. Visitor/Customer will just enter pin code or name of Location in search box. There will be “autosuggestion” while “typing” to help customer. If customer selects “autosuggestion” then result will show specific vendor in that location.

    If customer types (eg 110051) unknown pin-code then, result will show vendors in 110050, 110052 etc nearest location from the list.

    There is no need of Geo-tagging or Google-Location because Search filter uses/compares data from list made by admin and search query.