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WooCommerce Bookings

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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Buffer period

This “buffer period” is a very usefull idea.
But it would be great if it an additional option could be set: to apply only on existing booking.
For example, Dave (personal trainer) is avaiable from 9am to 6pm.
But for outside coaching, he would need additional time to be locked on a purchased appointment, 30 min to onsite, and 30min to come bakc to the club.
At this time, with the buffer option, he would be avaiable only every 2 hours (if min block bookable 1 hour)


Current Status


Last updated: September 8, 2017


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  1. Tim Zychacek says:

    I would also need this!

  2. David says:

    This is urgently needed! Shame to see that 3.5 yrs later this still hasn’t been implemented.