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Bulk Update Subscription Price when Subscription Product Price Changes

Right now, on a Subscription product when you update the price, all the Subscriptions that were created with that product do NOT update/change.

If you update a Subscription product price from $100 to $120, all those Subscriptions created at $100 are not updated to $120. You have to manually go to EACH subscription and update the price which is very time consuming when you have hundreds or thousands of subscriptions. There should be a bulk way to update all subscriptions pricing without having to go one-by-one through each active subscription.

Current Status


Last updated: December 27, 2016


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  1. Peter says:

    I would say that this is essential functionality. Whilst I understand the argument perfectly that a customer wouldn’t like it if the paid $10 only to find the next month’s jumping to $1000, that should not be the concern of WooCommerce. There are a huge number of use cases where the shop owner might need to raise *or lower* the cost of the subscription, and there should be an automated procedure whereby this happens. The best way would be a checkbox on an existing subscription product for when the price is changed to automatically change existing subscriptions, AND a bulk-edit option as suggested here.

  2. Peter says:

    An additional thought – perhaps when the price is raised Subscriptions could send an automatic email to the customer giving them the choice to cancel the subscription if they don’t agree with the change?

  3. anonymous says:

    This is a must-have as the price for subscription is not following the product pricing lifecycle. Furthermore, price change will trigger customer service related issues for subscription base.

  4. Matt says:

    definitely needed. 2000 votes right here.

  5. anonymous says:

    This is absolutely necessary.

  6. anonymous says:

    We have over 4,000 subscriptions and want to lower our prices. Having to manually change each one of these is soul destroying 🙁

    Please implement a way for us to do this in bulk.

    A few months ago we lowered our shipping costs – I had to go through over 3,000 subscriptions changing them individually, now I have to do it again with over 4,000 🙁

    What about next year when we have maybe 10,000 subscriptions and decide to lower our shipping costs again, or reduce the price of the subscription even further to incentivise more sales?

    This is essential.

  7. anonymous says:

    This feature is a must….

  8. Jeff says:

    ‘+1. Its really hard to image how this isn’t included as core?? Surely the ability to change the price is key to selling anything right? Is there a way to hack the change thru SQL?

  9. Alexander Prior says:

    The manual maintenance to accomplish this is no longer feasible with the number of subscribers we now have registered. This request has been up for a year, can we get this function updated for all subscription products options asap?

  10. anonymous says:

    ‘+1 at least some kind of functionality to updated the price of existing subscriptions in BULK is a must.

  11. anonymous says:

    definitely need this funcion!!!

  12. Mariette Malan says:

    This is a must! If you have a lot of subscriptions, doing this manually is very time consuming.

  13. anonymous says:


  14. anonymous says:

    Agreed. Or at least the plugin should be made to recognise between a sale price and non-sale price, as otherwise the Sales price is forever pinned.

  15. dan says:

    This should be an option triggered in the admin, votes or no votes.

  16. Fiona says:

    We definately need this!!

  17. Rob Ristagno says:

    Stepping up pricing over time is a best practice in the membership/subscription economy. We need this feature! Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    We absolutely need this!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    We are currently have to update the price of thousands of subscriptions. Please include this feature as soon as possible.

  20. phil macaulay says:

    Significant flaw in this software – please fix this asap PLEASE

  21. Paul says:

    Urgently need this functionality. How is this not already a built in feature of WooCommerce.

  22. Brandon says:

    Surprised this isn’t a feature yet on the WooCommerce system. This NEEDS to be implimented.

  23. Brandon says:

    Please please please….

  24. 360degree says:

    this would help my cashflow so much

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is imperative to make a business efficient in price updates. We pass an expense along to our clients, so if our vendor increases rates, so we do we. We can’t manually do this EVERY TIME. Please help!!!

  26. Andre Osborne says:

    our products change price daily

  27. Andre Osborne says:

    our products change price daily and would make so much sense.
    Another feature could be to associate the price only to a number of product sku’s instead of a price

  28. Donald says:

    This would be perfect! Please add this.

  29. james rix says:

    Please add!

  30. Ted says:

    Yes please add this functionality.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I would like to change the price of anyone who has active subscription for over x month to a different price and would love this functionality.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yes please add this functionality.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I actually want to DECREASE my subscription price but can’t do it! Please make this feature!

  34. Daniel says:

    Please Add

  35. JS says:

    I have to agree with the below comments. This is a significant flaw. No subscription product will maintain the same price forever and changing hundreds or thousands of subscribers manually is not cool.

  36. Michael says:

    ‘+3 for this. This would be an amazing feature to have in Woocommerce.

  37. Nick says:

    Please contact Subscriptions support if you need to accomplish this currently. We are working on a free mini-extension that could help.

  38. bharat thapa says:

    This feature is nice to add but this can be bad idea as well i.e., if a user subscribes product for a particular price and admin can update price ( increase or decrease ), this might look like fraud right,
    there are more steps to take before adding this feature.
    1. subscriber should be notified before update ( or applying updated price )
    2. subscriber must be able to choose between updated price is okay for him or if not, get refunded and so on
    but this is long process that needs to be handled properly ( there must be some option that should please the customer ).
    and discussion just goes on and on …..

  39. Illawarra Ramblers says:

    Please add this feature. It should at least be an option given that most prices change over time.

  40. Malthe Milthers says:

    This feature feels like an absolute MUST! I have lots of client requesting this feature.

  41. th says:

    I hear your reasoning, but in what reality is any price locked in for life?

  42. Gael Wood MSS says:

    Hi, we don’t want or need this feature (we like the selling point to retain subscribers by allowing them to keep the original price they signed up with, and it seems fair/legal under the original terms of the agreement). But we DO very much want and need to find a way to prevent users from resubscribing at OLD OUTDATED PRICES from their Account page. This should be a setting, not custom code please! Thanks,

  43. R J says:

    Yes please! We want to LOWER a price for our subscribers and would have to edit hundreds of orders manually to do this!

  44. Andy says:

    We have thousands of subscribers, we need software to be able to methodically alter prices for subscriptions

  45. Scott says:

    Please, can we get this resolved, would make life a lot easier for my clients.

  46. NIkki Stark says:

    How is this not a core function? Product prices change and price increases must be passed on to the customer. There should be a way to bulk increase and then notify the customer of the change and if they do not like the new price they can cancel their subscription. I could even live with it if price increases were reflected when a subscription expires and a customer resubscribes. But right from their My Account page they can resubscribe at the OLD price. At the very least give us the option to increase to current prices when they resubscribe or make it easy to remove the resubscribe option from the My Account page. The way it is currently set up is a mess. Any business owner knows you have to increase prices to match your increased cost for the item over time. Business 101 folks.

  47. 360degree says:

    This s essential when living in a world where most prices change every year. Please add this soon

  48. Steve Holland says:

    Hard to believe this wasn’t a core function from the start. I first requested assistance for this over 2 years ago and no progress has been made.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I am very disappointed to find out this functionality does not exist by default.

  50. Anonymous says:

    yes please this is REALLY needed

  51. Noah Doughton says:

    I developed a plugin for just this functionality:

  52. Stephen Tulloch says:

    Essential feature…I don’t have 3 hours to update 350 subscriptions manually and calculate taxes etc…we pay a lot of money for your plugins and this makes sense to implement…

  53. Moises Heberle says:

    There’s a plugin for that:
    WooCommerce Subscriptin Extras

  54. Jonathan Ellis says:

    This would be huge!

    To make it a little more powerful, it would be great to set the Monthly date the subscription renews. If a visitor signs up on the 10th, there should be an option to set the subscription to renew on the 1st.

    In this way, we could setup the signup fee to equal the first month and then all subsequent months will be billed on whatever day of the month we specify on the backend.

    For instance, we have a subscription that the cost changes monthly. It’s a Whisky club where we ballpark 60-120 per bottle every second month. We get all of the bottles at once and don’t really like the idea of shipping out bottles sporadically throughout the month. We reserve staff 1 day to handle all deliveries. And back to the original point, with the varying cost per bottle, it would be fantastic to be able to just update the monthly cost of the subscription to add the difference. We charge $60 flat rate per month and would like to be able to charge the difference (say we acquire an $80 bottle for the Whisky club, it would be ideal to charge the extra $20 really easily) We thought this was functionality that existed within the plugin at the time of purchase – seeing that this is NOT a feature we can use at the moment is quite frustrating.

    If this functionality makes it into a release, please let me know as soon as it’s integrated! I’ll update asap as my site needs this really bad!

    Thank you much.

  55. Bryan says:

    This would be very valuable as manually is much harder and a pain to the customer if they give us written approval.

  56. Anonymous says:

    How come this is not in the basic package? It as a fundamental UX flaw in the “add-on/plugin” and almost renders the plugin useless for bigger sites with many customers

  57. Sujai C says:

    This feature is a must needed for this plugin. Decreasing and increasing the price of a subscription product is an unavoidable strategic move for any subscription business model based on demand and competition.

  58. Kristin says:

    Please add this feature, this error has added hours of extra work for us and loss of income as we didnt realise at first!!

  59. Alistair Hall says:

    crazy this can’t happen already.

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is such a needed feature. why isn’t it there???

  61. Anonymous says:

    How can this still be absent? Is the WooCommerce team performing management operations in the WooCommerce interfaces with thousands of sales, so as to highlight these shortcomings?

  62. Anonymous says:

    This really ought to be a core feature.

  63. Phil says:

    please do this

  64. Haris says:

    Please make this happen! Also so that other features could be added as a bulk action. For instance changing renewal date for subscriptions in bulk or shipping alternative etc.

  65. NikolaiDesign says:

    Please add this feature to the core. This is essential.

  66. Luis says:

    Our business suffer a lot through 5 years, since we didn’t check that previous subscriptions never change price since every year we had to adjust prices since we ship a food product, so we adjust shipping and product price every year. We desperately need this function to update hundreds of previous subscriptions. Please vote for this to go on production soon

  67. Sujai Chandrasekaran says:

    Did woocommerce fix this issue? Is there any solution to bulk update the price of all the users?

  68. Nick Tanev says:

    I’m surprised this functionality does not exist. It seems like this would be something that is built-in from the start. I know of no business where prices never change. I hope this gets fixed asap.

  69. Steve Nethercott says:

    PLease make this Happen – – without it it is a sub-professional subscription solution

  70. Gary Michael says:

    Here’s a plugin that will update all existing subscriptions when a product is updated: https://elegantmodules.com/modules/bulk-update-woocommerce-subscriptions/

  71. Anonymous says:

    It was surprising that this is not a feature.

  72. Alan Jacob Mathew says:
  73. Anonymous says:

    Definitely need this!

  74. Christiaan says:

    Definitely need this!

  75. Anonymous says:

    There’s also an unmaintained plugin at https://github.com/Prospress/woocommerce-subscriptions-recalculate-totals that I used for updating totals for tax changes. But it would work for price changes as well.

  76. Derek Kelly says:

    While working on it, maybe stop all that comment spam from going through? 6 in the last month..

  77. Yayabee says:

    This feels very important. Countries sometimes change their VAT rate. Even if it does not happen that often, when it does happen, all existing recurring subscriptions need to be recalculated. For a website with thousands of recurring subscriptions in WooCommerce / WooSubscriptions, it is not feasible to do this manually.

    One recent example is Brexit. Suddenly, companies selling from EU to UK, needs to apply zero VAT, instead of UK VAT. With many existing recurring subscription for clients with Billing Adress in the UK, this is a massive bulk change that needs to be done urgently.

  78. Marta says:

    ¡Yes, please!!!!! Soooo needed!!

  79. ThePizzaboy150 says:

    This feature is highly needed!!!!!!!!!

  80. Number Franchise says:

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  81. Pascal Provost says:

    yes please!

  82. Simon Gondeck says:

    Here is a tutorial that shows how to bulk update subscription prices when subscription product price changes: https://youtu.be/bYIG1KLuAT4

    The tutorial goes over how to automatically update subscriptions that reference the old product price. In addition I go over how to give a customer a notice that the price is increasing (or decreasing) and how to set up this workflow on your WooCommerce store. This logic can be applied on a bunch of different scenarios.

    FYI as a disclaimer I am the one who created the YouTube tutorial above 🙂

  83. John says:

    It would be good if the price reduction was a percentage, not a specific value. If someone sells a product with a price that is not equal to e.g. $ 15.99, a 20% discount looks better than the new price of $ 12.79

  84. thedeparted says:

    It would be good if the price reduction was a percentage, not a specific value.

  85. Ramk Yeser says:

    It would be great convenient ton all of us.

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  88. James Lavine says:

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  89. FantasticPlugins says:

    This is available in Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions https://woocommerce.com/products/enhancer-for-woocommerce-subscriptions.

    Thank you.

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  94. Simon Gondeck says:

    Here is a tutorial that shows how to bulk update subscription prices when subscription product price changes: https://youtu.be/bYIG1KLuAT4

    The tutorial goes over how to automatically update subscriptions that reference the old product price. In addition I go over how to give a customer a notice that the price is increasing (or decreasing) and how to set up this workflow on your WooCommerce store. This logic can be applied on a bunch of different scenarios.

    FYI as a disclaimer I am the one who created the YouTube tutorial above 🙂

  95. avellwscadcom says:

    Cant understand why this absolut common feature is not already included … 🙁

  96. peter edwards says:

    We achieved this with Automate Woo workflows.

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  98. thomsterling says:

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  99. socialreza says:

    i noticed a problem in the enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin and i wanted to report it so that you fix it in the next versions, if we come to use the discounts for woocommerce subscriptions plugin and consider renewal the discount for example 50% for the following years, if we change the price of the product and update the price using the enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin, when creating an renewal order, it does not consider the 50% discount at all and displays the invoice with the original price, in general, enhancer for woocommerce subscriptions plugin does not support discounts for woocommerce subscriptions plugin

  100. admin98e3c8066a says:

    I agree. It’s insane that you can’t do this.

  101. admin98e3c8066a says:

    PS: How do you manually change a price? The price of the product does not seem editable in each subscription. Only at product level … but my products are at the right price (not the old one)

  102. cherrymarketingnijkerk says:

    Need this!

  103. heiluftigno says:

    This is essentially in a fast changing world where prices of products change all the time..

  104. sharanupa says:

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  105. scotth74 says:

    Looking to do this alos as an option when updating pricing. Right now I am going to try and just do it thru the API by dong a Get for all subscirbers on that ceratain subscription then dong a PUT to update the pricing I think should work.

    I have a free subsription I am looing to change and hoping if I put a price on it and the user does not put their CC on file that it will then render that person subsription inactive.


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