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Bundle and varianter same time

I think its be perfect if possible to add products as addon on variabel products .
ex : for example I have a variabel product with 30 varianter in 5 price groups , I want to add another product as add ons too . Can I ?
I mean bundle products and varianters same time in a product .


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Last updated: March 25, 2017

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  1. dominiquemorton says:

    I think this is referring to the same thing as I need.

    I need to be able to additional variations of the same product to a bundle, e.g. 2 or more different sizes of the same product. I appreciate you can do this by adding each size as a separate variable product, but I have too many variations to do it this way and have a nice UX.

    We sell adult and childrens clothing together. the adult size is one variable product, the childrens size is another variable product. I want to be able to include multiple childrens sizes in a bundle.