Catalog Visibility Options – Exclude option to buy, based on product category

‘Exclude the option to buy (add to cart) certain product categories with the Catalog Visibility Options extension.

Hypothetical example: Car & parts sales
– List the price of cars, but not allow them to be bought online
– List the price of oil, filters etc. and allow them to be bought online

(There is a similar suggestion in the system, but it is to exclude the price, not the purchase)

Current Status


Last updated: July 23, 2012


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  1. Frank Guarini says:

    Hi, i need the same thing!
    I need to make prices hidden only for a specific product category.


  2. Brian says:

    I’m adding my vote to this thread, but I believe that the rule should be applied on a per-product basis. More flexibility is better so why stop at the per-category level?

  3. Tom Peric says:

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