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Change the logic of Excluded Categories & Products

I create a smart coupon with the category “Apples” excluded so that the discount is not applied to Apples.
Customer puts Apples and Oranges in their cart.
Smart Coupon is applied only to the purchase of Oranges; customer pays full price for Apples.

The way it works now, is I have to add EVERY CATEGORY EXCEPT APPLES to the Included Category list, and leave the excluded list blank.

If I put Apples in the Excluded Category list, the coupon will not be applied at all, even when there are other products in the cart.


Current Status


Last updated: April 27, 2022


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  1. Theresa says:

    Yes! The entire include exclude with a quantity parameter is flawed, especially with variations.

    Using the same example above:
    I want a coupon to only apply to Apples if someone buys 2 or more apples, regardless of apple variation types.

    For Product quantity based restrictions you either have to do cart QTY or product QTY.

    With Cart QTY restriction of 2.
    A person can add (1) apple and (1) of any other product the coupon applies. Regardless if the other product is excluded.

    If Product QTY restriction is selected instead and someone adds (2) green apples it works. If they add (1) red apple and (1) green apple, it doesn’t work.

    Similarly there is no Buy 1 get 1 X% Off. Fairly common feature.

  2. shanermpco says:

    Basically, allow coupons to be applied to items in the cart even if there is excluded items in the cart. Like this competitor coupon plugin:,or%20categories%20excluded.