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Change the postcode card verification field label to ‘Billing Postcode’

Change the postcode card verification field label to ‘Billing Postcode’. It is not clear which postcode should be entered.

Billing postcode to match Squareup’s own implementation of their system on their own webshop? This seems like best practice being ignored to me.

In the UK you do not have to provide a postcode when using a debit/credit card in a shop unlike the USA where for example buying fuel requires a postcode entry in the chip and pin terminal. People simply are not used to verifying and with the number of people who rent and change addresses frequently, often their bank card is registered to a different address by mistake.

So the clearer the label over this field is, the less failure notifications will happen.

A number of other users have reported issues on the square woocommerce plugin forum where postcode verification fails randomly. But the troubleshooting is incorrect and it actually comes down to the postcode being entered incorrectly in the verification box rather than any other error.

So by changing the label for the Postcode field underneath the CVS code will help reduce user error by clearly showing which postcode they need to enter!


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Last updated: September 15, 2020


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